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Hiking Guide and Tour Leader to make you live a unique experience!

Michele, tour leader, AIES sommelier and hiking guide (GAE); Liliana, hiking guide (GAE) and artist. United by the passion of travel as a discovery to be made on two legs (because this way you get where other means would not arrive!), by the love for nature and for the culinary traditions accompanied by a good wine, we are always looking for authentic experiences to being able to share with those who love slow tourism.

Our idea of walking is a journey, short or long, to be done with the five senses and with an open mind and heart.

“For me the Apennines are a wonderful part of creation”

The Bolognese Apennine is a small hidden treasure, as little known as full of pearls and particularities, both from a naturalistic and cultural point of view. With a short transfer from Bologna you can immerse yourself in history, from the pre-Roman era to the Second World War. You can learn about the traditions of people accustomed to surviving in difficult conditions and taste delicacies, result of experience and passion handed down through the generations. Nonetheless, you can immerse yourself in one of the areas with the richest biodiversity in the world, in a wild reality with breathtaking landscapes. It is worth coming up here, stopping and exploring the area with an environmental hiking guide and a tour leader to live a unique experience. Trust a real Pelegrèn!

Michele Boschi

Michele Boschi

Tour Leader, Travel Consultant, Hiking Guide and Sommelier

I can’t sit still. For years I have always kept my suitcase open on the carpet. And I love sharing my passions: the mountains, nature, ornithology, geology, volcanoes, wine. Former engineer, now guide, first in a foreign land, then, finally, in my homeland. For me, accompanying means sharing passions and learning together, even in an apparently simple, but in reality exciting context. What’s better than spending time with people who share your interests?

Liliana Medici

Liliana Medici

Artist, Hiking Guide (GAE)

I started walking in the woods with my grandfather and today I continue with a light step and a curious mind to explore and tell Nature through the art of drawing and speaking. Transmitting my love for Nature and a little knowledge: this is what I aspire to with my activities. I believe in coexistence with the environment we are part of, together with plants and animals. I like the idea of exciting and educating people of all ages while having fun. I love cats, biscuits (accompanied by steaming herbal teas in one of my collection cups), the scent of broom in June and that of damp in October, rolling around in the fresh snow, stories of once upon a time in dialect, cartoons , the crackling laughter of children and books (illustrated and not).

Find out more about me on my website www.lilymedici.com

Alone you go fast, together you go far!

Our Partners

Beltaine Craft MicroBrewery

From the Celts to the present day, a centuries-long tradition to create a truly special product, based on chestnuts. From the ‘Apennine bread’, one of the most typical products of our mountains, which has often saved the population from hunger since the time of Matilde di Canossa, to a very special beer.

Chestnut Forest Experimental Didactic Park

An enchanted place, in the Upper River Reno Valley, where an ancient chestnut forest has been recovered and made operational again, both for educational and productive activities. A place where you can touch the entire production chain of what has been the main source of livelihood for the Apennine populations for centuries.

A Casa di Cinti

Stefania and Michele are a couple of friends who rent two nice apartments a few kilometers from Bologna, immersed in the green of the Bolognese Apennines: an oasis of peace and a unique cordiality await you up here, in our mountains!

Tenuta La Riva

Put a pinch of healthy madness, love for the countryside and outdoor life, for good drinking and good food and here we are .. a winery is born, suited to quality production and hospitality, in an outstanding naturalistic context. Come and discover its wonders with us.

Foiatonda – Community cooperative

Partners and friends, creators of an innovative and excellent reality in our Apennines. For those who believe in the value of our territory and those who work there, without many words, to build a future for us on site.

Lanzarote Eco-Insider

Collaborators, companions, friends. A small company we share the main philosophy with, the approach to slow and passionate tourism, love and respect for nature. The experience will be unforgettable with them!

Desert Watch Lanzarote

A project for the conservation of a special area, which we witnessed in the birth, and which, as far as possible, we follow from afar. A great lesson on what we can all do to safeguard our planet, starting from the little things.


La Ca’ dal Nôn – Traditional Balsamic Vinegar from Modena Farm

The art of making traditional balsamic vinegar. And to tell it. An exceptional product, made thanks to Mariangela’s boundless passion, which together with her hospitality, will make your experience unique!

Try and Taste – Cooking Classes

The love for traditions and the desire to pass them on have meant that two great sfogline created this small company. It is not only learning how to make traditional dishes, it is not only the pleasure of tasting the delicious results of a handsmade work, it is immersing yourself in history, anecdotes and particularities that have made our culinary tradition unique and inimitable.

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