Activities for Children

Art & Nature workshops and educational courses designed for children in the environment, to let them approach wildlife while having fun in the forest and its inhabitants. Environmental education and living Nature in a conscious and creative way pills! 

Easy guided hikes to get to know the forest

Art & Nature workshops to create handcrafts using natural or recycled materials

Activities created specifically for schools

Birthday trek-parties

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Check out our program and sign up for the event that’s right for you! If you have any questions, contact us for more information!

Nature and Creativity Pills

Learn to live Nature respecting it, its pace and its characteristics. Not only walking, but also listening, touching, observing to find your path. Activate your imagination and create with leaves, stones, branches and everything found in Nature, being in the middle of the woods. Celebrating birthdays as explorers … Alternative and funny ways to bring new generations closer to knowledge and coexistence with Mother Nature!

“We will never stop exploring and at the end of all our displacements we will return to the starting point. And we will be able to really understand that place for the first time.”


  • Easy excursions to experience and learn about the forest while having fun, in safety
  • Open air Art & Nature workshops, to create handcrafts with natural or recycled materials
  • Activities for schools
  • Individual tailor made experiences on demand (always accompanied by a parent)
  • Birthday trek-parties for children from 12 years old: we organize trekking days with final celebration!
What to bring

Water and clothing suitable for an excursion in a natural environment. Specific requests to be verified in any individual activity description page. We reserve the right to refuse the participation to anyone who is not adequately equipped for the excursion.

In which seasons do the activities take place?

Any! Nature always has something to tell us, even while it seems to be sleeping!


Feel free to contact us for any doubt or question relating to our activities, we will be happy to answer you as soon as possible!

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