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Discovering the local traditions by exploring the so rich in flavors “poor cuisine”! These itineraries will make you uncover the origin of the ingredients and the secrets of the typical Apennine dishes (and much more!)

Guided excursions to discover the ingredients

Pasta, bread, cakes... and more ... workshops

Origin and Cultural Tips about traditional dishes

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Flavors and knowledge of poor cuisine

Italy has a very rich and varied tradition in terms of cuisine, because “the place you go, Rèzdora you find”! In Emilia-Romagna, we are famous for fresh pasta made with a rolling pin and Parmigiano Reggiano, but the culinary art that comes from the simple flavors of the Apennines or from small local realities has much more to tell. And that’s where we focus our experiences, so that each one is different and unique, and you can take home a piece of the heart of the area.

“The discovery of a new dish is more valuable to mankind than the discovery of a new star.”


  • Guided excursions to discover the basic ingredients for each recipe
  • Pasta, bread, sweets and more.. workshops related to the visited area
  • Tailor made experiences on demand
  • Origin and Cultural tips about traditional dishes
What to bring

Water and clothing suitable for an excursion in a natural environment. Specific requests to be verified in any individual activity description page. We reserve the right to refuse the participation to anyone who is not adequately equipped for the excursion.

In which seasons do the activities take place?

Any! Nature and traditions always have something to tell us!


Feel free to contact us for any doubt or question relating to our activities, we will be happy to answer you as soon as possible!

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