Our and your commitment to protect everyone’s health

The health emergency that hit the whole world since February 2020 requires all of us to review many of our behaviors and habits. Today, after months of isolation, we can finally return to the open air, to share experiences in nature. We must not forget, however, that the situation is still difficult so we ask you to follow the rules that have been given, to walk together in safety and tranquillity …

  • keep the safety distance of 2mt
  • bring a hygiene kit with you, with masks, gloves and hand sanitizing gel
  • do not exchange any objects during the experience: water bottles, food, sticks etc…

To Protect and Respect ourselves also means to protect and respect the others: this is a mantra we strongly believe in and we will never get tired of repeating it.

And now… Let’s go! 






This is the hashtag of the beautiful initiative of ViaggiAmo Italia, started during last March, to stimulate positive thinking and positive action among all people working in the tourism field, to generate possibilities and action in the midst of what seems to be a long immobility. We have joined the project by offering our services to the medical staff, working every dayon the front line, proposing what we believe to be the best cure: the forest!

If you want to learn more about this project, follow the link

“When it comes to the future, our job is not to predict it, but rather to allow it to happen.

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