Wine World

Wine experiences and wine courses, to discover the origin of the Nectar of the Gods! Guided tours in the cellars of Emilia-Romagna to touch the most significant production realities.
Pleasant moments of tasting and conviviality, to better understand what we pour into the glass, in a simple and funny way.

Guided excursions of easy and medium difficulty, across areas with good quality wines production

Guided tours and tastings in some of the most important wineries of the territory

Focus on vineyard, production and ageing methods, traditions and local culture

Half day and full day activities

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Share your Wine passion with us

The nectar of the Gods, the drink that gives happiness. Wine has always played a primary role in human life and culture. Each territory is characterized in a different way, creating an indissoluble link with the gastronomic tradition.
Avoiding technicism or wine poetry, we accompany you to discover characteristics and stories behind the creation of this so-much loved drink, daily companion for us. Let’s learn to understand a little more what we have in the glass, to be able to enjoy it to the fullest.

“Where does happiness lie?
In beautiful places, in flanders tablecloths, in good wines, in kind people.”

  • Excursions related to wine and gastronomic traditions of a territory, to discover the local taste typicity.
  • Thematic tasting and in-depth events on wine.
  • Small groups, maximum 15 people, to ensure respect for ourselves, the environment we go through and to create the possibility of building relationships.
  • Tailor made individual experiences on demand.
  • Tasting courses and approach to wine courses.
What to bring

For th excursions: water and clothing suitable for an excursion in a natural environment. Specific requests to be verified in any individual activity description page. We reserve the right to refuse the participation to anyone who is not adequately equipped for the excursion.

In which seasons do the activities take place?

All! Nature and Wine always have something to tell us, even while nothing seems to be happening …


Feel free to contact us for any doubt or question relating to our activities, we will be happy to answer you as soon as possible!

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